How to Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean and Efficient

Learn how to keep your dryer vent clean and efficient with this simple guide. Find out what warning signs to look out for and how often you should inspect and clean your dryer vents.

How to Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean and Efficient

Cleaning the dryer vent lines in a standard household dryer system is an important task that should not be overlooked. It usually takes up to an hour to complete, but this time can increase if you have multiple dryers or live in an apartment complex. Keeping your dryer vents clean is essential for efficient drying of clothes and other items. If you find that your clothes are taking more than one cycle to dry, it's likely that your vents are clogged.

Using a leaf blower to clean the dryer vent is not recommended, as it is not powerful enough to remove all lint and dirt and can even damage the ventilation grille. If you notice any of the warning signs of a clogged vent, it's best to call a professional dryer rack cleaning service. This is because cleaning the ventilation grille from the inside can be difficult and there is a greater risk of damaging yourself or damaging the dryer. Fortunately, cleaning the dryer vent is one of many DIY tasks that you can do yourself at home.

Tim Smith from Chimney Sweeps of America, who is recommended by Angi, explains what you need to know to properly clean this appliance, including maintaining filters, drums, and vents. In this guide, you'll learn how to clean the dryer's ventilation grille and keep your dryer vents safe and working. It's generally recommended that you inspect and clean your dryer vents at least once a year. However, if you have a large family or use the dryer more than average, it may be a good idea to clean the dryer vent twice a year. Cleaning lint traps and drums isn't too difficult, but you should still make sure you clean them regularly.

To clean the ventilation grille from the inside, you'll have to disconnect the dryer from the vent first. This can be uncomfortable, so it's best to use an accessory like this one with 18,000 verified five-star ratings that is compatible with most vacuum cleaner models. When it comes to major cleaning of your dryer vents, it's best to hire a professional. With this knowledge in hand, you'll be able to keep your clothes drying quickly and efficiently without having to worry about any potential damage.