Do I Need to Supply Cleaning Services with Supplies and Equipment?

Find out if cleaners need supplies & equipment for home & commercial cleaning services. Learn about OSHA regulations & how to start a successful business.

Do I Need to Supply Cleaning Services with Supplies and Equipment?

A lot of people wonder if cleaners bring their own supplies and equipment when they come to do a job. The answer is that most home cleaning or cleaning services provide their own chemicals and cleaning equipment. This is in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, which state that employers must ensure that the equipment is safe for employees and that they are trained to use it correctly. The best way to do this is for the cleaning service to provide the necessary chemicals and cleaning equipment.

You don't need any special certification to start, manage, and build a successful home cleaning, cleaning service, or commercial cleaning business. However, when it comes to equipment such as a vacuum cleaner, you must clean and maintain it and provide it with filter bags, unless you are willing to pay more for the cleaning company's employees to do these tasks. If you are concerned about the cleaning chemicals used by the cleaning company, ask them about the products they use and why they chose those particular chemicals. This specialized service requires different levels of experience and training, as well as a wide range of tools, supplies, and equipment.

It can be very lucrative and cost-effective if done correctly. Business cleaning software can help business owners manage and execute the operations of their residential or commercial cleaning company. At Lathered Cleaning Company, we offer quick, time-saving cleaning services. We can neutralize strong odors, remove candle wax from carpets, or carefully clean wooden pieces.

We also help business owners make hiring decisions, learn how to price cleaning jobs, promote their cleaning business, and build relationships with customers to get more customers, referrals, and jobs. For example, a house cleaning company that specializes in ecological or carpet cleaning will need special supplies. Not having a safety data sheet for a cleaning chemical that you order from a cleaning company puts the cleaning company in an awkward position. For residential cleaners, two groups in the industry – ARCSI (International Association for Residential Cleaning Services) and IJCSA (International Association for Cleaning and Cleaning Services) – offer certification courses.

Post-construction cleaning services can be an excellent addition to the “normal” services offered by companies. The best time to market your pool cleaning services is in late winter or early spring when people start thinking about their pools. Providing cleaning services after construction can be demanding and challenging even for experienced cleaners. As time went on I became more aware of specialized services such as post-construction cleaning, crime scene cleaning, ecological cleaning, and doctors' office cleaning.

Having the right cleaning tools and equipment is essential for starting a successful cleaning business.